What qualities do early years settings need if they are to nurture resilience in the children they care for?

That’s the question we were exploring in this event on 21st July.

An increasing number of people across Scotland are coming to appreciate just how important children’s early experiences are, as a result of the discussions we are having about Adverse Childhood Experiences.  In this event, we applied these insights to the early years sector.

  • What practices nurture resilience?
  • How can we arrange the environment to boost resilience?
  • What policies should staff teams be designing?
  • How does the staff rota boost resilience?
  • How important is drop-off and pick-up?
  • What is the impact of play, cuddles and comfort?

These are the questions we explored.

The day included:

  • A screening of the documentary film Resilience
  • A training session with Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk
  • A panel session with early years staff experienced in attachment-led care
  • Workshop sessions on practices for nurturing resilience

All individuals interested in the early years were welcome to attend.  The event was of particular interest to nursery and childcare staff and managers, to policymakers, and to parents and families who use childcare facilities.

This event was ITA approved, through Skills Development Scotland.  This allowed all attendees who qualify for ITA funding to have attendance costs covered.  For more information, click HERE.