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ACE Champion

Lyons Hall Primary School

By ACE Champions

Lyons Hall Primary School

Lyons Hall Primary School, based in Essex, will be bringing their full staff complement to the conference.

Lyons Hall is a Braintree School, and they feel strongly that it is important that all 16 of their staff understand ACES.

One of the ways they feel they can support that understanding is by hearing Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is person.

So all of them will be with us at the Conference.  We are grateful for their enthusiasm and their ACE Leadership.

Fife Council

By ACE Champions

Fife Council logo

Fife Council has purchased 20 tickets to enable council employees to attend the Conference.

Fife were the first Scottish council to make such a purchase, and we are hoping that more Councils will wish to follow their leadership.

It is a mark of a Council’s commitment to an ACE-Informed Approach that they work to get employees to insightful events such as this conference will be.

John Gibson

By ACE Champions

ACE Champion - John GibsonJohn Gibson has purchased 200 tickets for the conference, as a way to celebrate his forthcoming retirement.

His personal donation of £20,000 is intended to enable the involvement of parents who would be unlikely to be able to attend otherwise.

In order to act on his kind wishes, the Conference Committee will be linking with local groups who can support parents to attend.

John Gibson founded the training company TIGERS in 2001, and has watched it go from strength to strength in the years since.

His pleasure in the success of the young people TIGERS serves is evident in any conversation you have with him.  It is that strength that has enabled him to make this personal donation, for which the Conference Committee is immensely grateful.