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Compassion Prison Project

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On 1st June 2022, we will be hosting an in-person conference, at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Glasgow. Here we will have the opportunity to hear about the work of Fritzi Hortsman, founder of The Compassion Prison Project (CPP), we can hear her initial insights of her work within our Scottish Prison Services, and we may even, ‘Step Inside the Circle’.Fritzi Horstman - web

We will also hear from a range of speakers including Natalie Logan McLean, CEO of SISCO, Iain Smith, Partner at Keegan Smith Law firm and founder of Trauma-Informed Lawyers, James Docherty, mentor at the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU), and Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, developmental psychologist and researcher. Full line-up of speakers to be confirmed.

This event is open to all organisations and individuals across all sectors who want to understand the impact of ACEs and childhood trauma and to those who have a personal interest to better understand the “manifestations of the dysfunctions of our society” – Dr Gabor Mate.

ACE Aware 2021 Conversation Series - 14012021 Event

Trauma at the Heart of Scotland’s Drug Deaths

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Invited guests:

  • James Docherty, VRU Mentor & Advocate for Relationships
  • Annemarie Ward, Founder of Faces & Voices of Recovery UK
  • Darren McGarvey, Social commentator and Rap artist

Scotland has the highest rate of death from drugs in Europe.  The December 2020 report on the latest rise in figures resulted not just in serious media attention but in the resignation of a Scottish government minister.  Still there is not enough action to address this crisis, at the heart of which is childhood trauma.  This Conversation brings together three of Scotland’s leading voices who insist that much more must be done.  Annemarie Ward is the Founder of the organisation Faces & Voices of Recovery UK.  Darren McGarvey is well known as a social commentator, award-winning author and rap artist.  James Docherty has built a reputation for plain speaking compassion, as a survivor of childhood trauma and a mentor within the Violence Reduction Unit.  We will have a chance to hear what they regard as the cause of Scotland’s high death rate and what action they recommend we should be taking.  ACE Aware Scotland believes that much more attention needs to be given to this issue, and we are pleased to be able to help in fostering that attention.