Let’s make Scotland the first ACE-Aware Nation in the world!

Let’s reach every single one of our 5 million citizens with information about adverse childhood experiences.  That’s the vision at the centre of this unique conference!

On 26th September 2018, more than 1000 citizens of Scotland will be coming together to think about how we can achieve this vision.  They will be joined by friends from across the UK.  The fact that the conference is being held at the Glasgow SECC shows the level of excitement that exists to do such visionary thinking!

Our efforts will be led by invited international Key Note Speaker, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.  When she began her career as a paediatrician, she hadn’t anticipated becoming a global campaigner for tackling adverse childhood experiences, but that’s exactly where her career has taken her.  With her knowledge of the science of ACES, and her experience as director of San Francisco’s Centre for Youth Wellness, she has plenty of insights to offer us as we progress our own national ACES journey in Scotland.  This is Dr. Burke Harris’ first time in Scotland, and we feel so lucky to have her!

Dr. Burke Harris will be joined by some of the leading speakers in the country.  All of them have insights to share about how we can tackle ACES in Scotland.

The day promises to be inspirational and unforgettable.  Do not miss this landmark day.

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