Come and spend the afternoon with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris!

Hear the story of how she first discovered the ACE Study and why it “hit her like a bolt of lightning”.  Hear how the study’s insights changed the way she practised medicine – and the direction of her whole life!  Hear why she has embraced a leadership role that she hadn’t anticipated, and why she thinks we are on the brink of a new world in our ability to care for children.   Come and be inspired.

An Immersive Afternoon gives you a chance to hear from Dr. Burke Harris at length, and to ask the questions you most want to put to her.   We will have nearly 3 hours with her in total.  The afternoon will begin with a presentation from her, followed by a responsive Q&A session.  After a short break, we will return for an extended discussion with the audience, exploring whatever themes on your mind.  We anticipate these might include:

  • What does it take to lead societal change?
  • How can we best nurture societal change?
  • What makes people resist change?
  • Why is the ACES message sometimes scary?
  • What are the key obstacles she has confronted from skeptics?

This session will be of special interest to all those who wish to be leaders of change.  That includes not only those in formal leadership positions, but also those who wish to help bring about change at any level – even just by speaking with friends, family and colleagues.

Dr. Burke Harris will be welcomed to the event by Tina Hendry, Director of ReAttachment.  Tina has worked tirelessly to bring about societal change in Scotland on the ACES front, so there is no better person to introduce this session.  Tina’s welcome will help attendees to begin the afternoon by placing Dr. Burke Harris’ insights within a Scottish context.  The session will be close with observations from Sir Harry Burns, who served for 9 years as Chief Medical Officer of Scotland and who has done so much to embed awareness of ACES within Scottish thinking.  There could be no one more suited to help us think about the national implications of Dr. Burke Harris’ comments throughout during this afternoon.

The session will be expertly chaired by Gary Robinson, who always crafts interviews of depth and surprise.

Dr Burke Harris will be serving as Key Note Speaker at the Main Conference on 26th September.  This Immersive Session will allow attendees to get to know her better than will be possible in the larger setting.  With only 250 seats available, you will leave with the sense that you have spent high quality, personal time with her.  You will leave feeling inspired about the ways in which you can bring about an ACES Revolution in your community.

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique event on 25th September 2018.

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