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Video Interviews

Making Scotland the World's First ACE-Aware Nation

We’ve been talking to loads of people about ACES and about the ACE Aware Nation Conference in September.  We want the event to reflect as many voices as possible.

We’ve captured lots of those voices on video and audio.  You can listen to them all here.

Please feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think.  On Twitter, it’s @ACEAwareNation .   On email, it’s

Who’s speaking?

Want to find out more about the speakers at the ACE Aware Nation Event?  They’ve all recorded a message to give delegates insights about why they are excited to be contributing.  We hope their thoughts give you a flavour of the hope, the insight and the challenge that the two days promised to offer!

Conference Launch

The conference was officially launched in February 2018, at an event that also marked the date on which Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’ new book, The Deepest Well, became available in the UK.   We had some great speakers at the event.  You can hear what they had to say here.

Stories of Resilience Podcast Series

We’ve been talking to people all over the country about why they think the ACEs Movement is important.  The conversations, led by Gary Robinson, give real insights into what motivates people to be involved and their hopes for Scotland.  We hope these stories of building resilience will fascinate you as much as they have our team.

Who’s coming?

Want to see who came to the conference?  Then have a listen to any of these wee videos, sent in by some of the delegates excited to be attending.