Dr Nadine Burke Harris has just published her first book:

The Deepest Well:  Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity.

We hosted a Book Launch to celebrate its UK release date!

On 22nd February 2018, 150 people gathered at Glasgow Waterstones to be amongst the first in the country to collect their copy of the book.   We heard reflections on the insights that the book offers within the Scottish context.  And we even heard a few words from Dr. Burke Harris herself!

This FREE event served as the official launch for September’s Conference events.  We were welcomed by the Directors of the two host organisations: TIGERS and connected baby.  Pauline Scott and Suzanne Zeedyk gave attendees a sense of where they hoped the Conference would take us, and they kicked off the 8 months of energy to come!

To ensure we kept a focus on Scotland’s challenges, we also had available for sale on the night several of the leading books recently published about ACES in Scotland.

  • Carol Craig – Hiding in Plain Sight: Exploring Scotland’s Ill Health
  • John Carnochan – Conviction: Violence, Culture and a Shared Public Service Agenda

We also invited the authors to join us!

This event has been popular!  We welcomed all those who managed to get a ticket to an event that kicked off a 2018 of vision and energy.

Want to know how the Launch went?  You can do that by listening to all of our speakers on the night.